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Evan Schuman

A journalist for more than 23 years, Evan Schuman’s background includes news reporting for radio networks (including CBS Radio News, National Public Radio, AP Radio and CNN Radio), consumer news organizations (including The New York Times, BusinessWeek, USA Today, Baltimore Sun, Philadelphia Inquirer and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution), wire services (Reuters, AP and UPI) and technology/business publishers. He served as an editorial manager for 11 years at CMP Media, where his posts included News Editor at InformationWeek, News Editor at TechWeb, Editor of The Internet Business Report and Editorial Director for the Custom Publishing division. In the online arena, Schuman has been actively involved in the launch of more than 40 corporate Web sites, holds two Patents Pending on streaming multimedia techniques and has tracked the Internet since 1988. He’s also a frequent guest lecturer on business issues at New York University’s masters degree program.

Before launching The Content Firm, Schuman served as VP/Editor in Chief of Triangle Publishing Services Co. Inc., a Massachusetts company that also creates business content. He has consulted with dozens of Fortune 1000 companies on marketing and public relations issues. For more information on Schuman, please visit his personal Web site at In the summer of 2006, launched his own retail technology blog called StorefrontBacktalk. Schuman also serves as the Executive Editor of FierceRetail and FierceMobileRetail.

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